So I’ve had a problem with RONA where agents not picking up the call would be placed in ‘Not Ready – Call Not Answered’ state and, if there are no other available agents, placed back to ‘Ready’ again. The call would loop and go back-and-forth to this agent again and again.
Here is my configuration:

Agent Desk Setting had 8 seconds configured for Ring no answer time

CVP timeout timer was set to 12 seconds

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While configuring the Russian locale on CME, I came across a problem where 7821 phones would not switch to the Russian locale. Turns out these phones look for a localization file with a different alias than the one created by the CME router when the locale is loaded and extracted.

The default alias looks like this:

tftp-server flash:its/russia_sp-sip.jar alias SIP_Russian_Russia/sp-sip.jar

We need to add an additional alias like this:

tftp-server flash:its/russia_sp-sip.jar alias SIP_Russian_Russian_Federation/sp-sip.jar