Category: Cisco

Prime License Manager license management reset

From PLM -> access to the CLI and issue the following command: license management reset {identity | registration} Take into account the following: This command resets the identity, store data, and essentially removes all the installed licenses. It also restarts

Connecting GNS3 to loopback interface

To connect GNS3 to an existing loopback interface, add a router and a cloud devices.

Russian locale for Cisco 7821 IP Phone

While configuring Russian locale on CME, I came across a problem where 7821 phones would not switch to Russian locale. Turns out these phones look for localization file with different alias than the one created by CME router when locale

Upgrading IOS XE on ASR 1002

So I needed to upgrade the IOS XE on customer’s ASR 1002 and after copying the image from USB to Flash, I issued a standard command boot system flash asr1000rp1-advipservicesk9.03.16.03.S.155-3.S3-ext.bin After reloading the router I get this error: boot: unsupported

BE6000S Finally

Finally got my hands on BE6000S. An interesting little machine and worked great for the small project. One thing to keep in mind though, if you decide to change the default IP addresses, it’s better to rebuilt the BVI.