Year: 2017

Importing Netmiko library in Python

To import Netmiko library run python -m pip install netmiko command in cmd After that we can successfully import Netmiko

Preparing VMware Workstation for CUCM installation

In this post we will prepareVMware Workstation for the installation of CUCM 11.5. You can download the trial version of Workstation here. You should remember, that this installation is for lab use only and is not intended for production.

Connecting GNS3 to loopback interface

To connect GNS3 to an existing loopback interface, add a router and a cloud devices.

Russian locale for Cisco 7821 IP Phone

While configuring Russian locale on CME, I came across a problem where 7821 phones would not switch to Russian locale. Turns out these phones look for localization file with different alias than the one created by CME router when locale